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Your Wymar FCU Officials

The general policies of our credit union are set by a nine-member Board of Directors elected from and by the membership.  The Board is responsible for establishing the policies that will guide the credit union.

The Board appoints a Supervisory Committee charged with performing audits of the credit union's practices to verify that the credit union is complying with established Board policy. 

Neither the Board nor the Supervisory Committee receive compensation.  These members freely volunteer their time and are dedicated to maintaining the safety and soundness of your credit union.

Our Board of Directors members for the 2009-10 year are:

Janet Bernadas, Board Chairperson
Danny Robert, Vice Chairperson
Paul Frederic, Treasurer
Brandi Hull, Secretary
James “Guy” Arceneaux
Doreen Swanson
Edward Price
Francis Guillory
Jarrad Woods

Our Supervisory Committee members are:

Sharla Roussel
Roger Lehman
Brenda Roussel
Danny Miller

This credit union is federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration.