Unsecured Loans

  • Signature Loans

    We offer Signature, or “Good Faith” loans that do not require any equity or asset backing, such as a home equity or car loan. All that is needed is your signature! Subject to credit approval.

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  • Open-End LOC

    We provide Open-End Lines of Credit, also known as “Revolving Credit” or “Overdraft Protection” to customers for low interest rates and flexible amounts.

    These open-ended LOC’s allow our customers to borrow as much as they need at any time up to the maximum set in the terms. The member only pays interest on the amount actually borrowed, but the payments are principle and interest and are based on your credit limit, not what you owe. The payment is $3.00 per $100 of the approved credit limit. For example, if you have an approved open-end with a limit of $5,000.00, the payment is $150.00 per month, no matter what your balance is.

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  • Certificate and Share Secured Loans

    Share Secured Loans have low rates and flexible terms by using the money from a savings account or a certificate as collateral for the loan. The best part is, you can keep earning interest on the full balance of the account. These types of loans help build your credit score, and you can borrow up to 90% of the total in the account.

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  • Skip-a-Pay

    We now offer YEAR-ROUND Skip-A-Pay! You can free up some extra cash when YOU need it most, any time of the year!

    How to apply:
    Simply log in to your It’s Me 247 account and click the green “SP” button next to your eligible consumer loan. Be sure to apply for your Skip-A-Pay at least 10 days before your payment is due.

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  • Contact Us

    Contact Title Phone Email
    Lorri Burns, CCUFC Consumer Lending Manager (225) 673–7190 lburns@wymarfcu.com
    Nakita St. Julien, CCUFC Consumer Lending Officer (225) 673–7188 nstjulien@wymarfcu.com
    Sarah S. Troxclair, NMLS #1652598 Lending Operations Administrative Assistant (225) 673–7187 stroxclair@wymarfcu.com

Disclaimer: Skip-A-Pay eligible for members in good standing. Must have current consumer loan open for six months, paid monthly and financed through Wymar FCU. If all apply, you will see a green SP in your It’s Me 247 account next to your consumer loans, to show you are eligible. Allowed a maximum of four total Skip-A-Pay’s during the life of the loan. Interest will continue to accrue on loans when payment is skipped. Excludes mortgages and credit cards. Applications must be received at least 10 days before loan payment is due. If your loan is set up to automatic transfer, you will need to contact us to cancel the payment for the month skipped. If your loan is set up to pay biweekly, you will need to contact us in order to skip payments.