Service Charges

  • Share Account

    Dormant Savings Account* $5.00/Month
    Reg D- Share Withdrawal Limit 6 Per Month
  • Checking Account

    Overdraft (NSF) $25.00/Item
    Third Party Return Item $10.00/Item
    Stop Payment $10.00/Item
    ACH Origination Returns $10.00/item
    Dormant Checking Account* $5.00/Month
    Check Order (Charged by Printer) No upcharge
  • MasterCard Debit Card

    Monthly Service Charge FREE
    Per Item Charge FREE
    Dollar Limit $2,500 Per Day
    Reissue - Lost or Stolen $5.00 Per Card
    MyPic Card & Reissue $5.00 Per Card
    ATM Withdrawal Refund $20.00/month
    Withdrawal Dollar Limit $510.00 Per Day
  • Online Account Access & Audio Response

    CU*Talk, 24 Hr Phone Account Access FREE
    It's Me 247 Online Banking FREE
  • Other Service Charges

    Visa Prepaid Card $5.00/Each
    Notary Services $10.00/Per Document
    Medallion Stamp Free
    Account Research/Balancing $10.00/Per Hour
    Copy of Cleared Item Faxed $3.00/Per Fax
    Copy of Cleared Item $1.25/Per Item
  • Wires

    Domestic Wire - Outgoing $10.00/Each
    International Wire - Outgoing $40.00/Each
  • Electronic Bill Pay

    Electronic Bill Pay FREE
    Account to Account Transfer Service $2.00/Item
    Same Day Bill Pay $9.95/Item
    Overnight Checks $14.95/Item
    Stop & Reissue Service Charge $10.00/Item
    Corporate Check - Stop & Reissue Service Charge $25.00/Item, >90 days free
    Check Image Retrieval $10.00/Item
    Claims/Payment Investigation Service Charge $25.00/Item
    Bill Pay NSF Service Charge $25.00/Item
  • Pop Money - Free & Low Service Charge Features

    Send Money (Standard Delivery) Starting @ $0.50
    Send Money (Rush Delivery) Starting @ $1.50
    Request Money Starting @ $0.75
    Receive Money Free
  • *Dormant Accounts

    *DORMANT ACCOUNTS Dormant Account Checking/Savings Fee $5.00/Per Month Dormant: No member initiated account activity, credit union or credit union/member communication for a period of twelve (12) months OR two (2) consecutive pieces of mail, mailed to the accountholder's last known address, have been returned and there has been no member initiated account activity or credit union communication for a period of six (6) months.

    Abandoned: An account that has had no member initiated activity or credit union/member communication for a period of five (5) years and the member does not have another account with the credit union that would not be considered an abandoned account.