Our Story

Why Not Wymar?

In 1958, a small group of Wyandotte Chemical employees got together because they thought there had to be a better alternative to banking. Were they ever right!  They decided to form a credit union because credit unions are owned by its members and not by shareholders. They decided to name it Wymar from a combination of Wyandotte Chemical and Geismar, Louisiana.

From those humble beginnings when the credit union was operated out of a small office during lunch hour, to where we are today, I would say we’ve come quite a ways. Our founders would be proud to see that Wymar Federal Credit Union still serves only BASF Geismar employees and their immediate family members. This is rare in today’s credit union world where many credit unions have expanded their fields of membership to serve just about anybody. Wymar continues to focus all of its efforts on the financial enrichment of its members rather than just trying to grow for growth’s sake.  This is a testament to the close bond between the Geismar BASF site and its credit union. The support from BASF allows us to do so much more for our members than we could otherwise. While we couldn’t be what we are today without our members, we also couldn’t do it without our Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee which are made up of volunteers that are either current BASF employees or former BASF employees.

We continually strive to add the latest products and services so that our members don’t need to bank anywhere else. We aim to be as fee adverse as possible, keep up with offering competitive rates, have an exceptional and knowledgeable staff, and always take the time to genuinely know and help our members.

If you are already a member, we thank you for your loyalty and ask you to please tell your family members to join. If you are not yet a member, then Why not Wymar?

Mission Statement

We enrich the lives of our member-owners.

Core Values

  • Employee Focus

  • Personal Member Service

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