Vacation Loans

Finance your Summer plans with a Vacation Loan from WYMAR!

Get up to $3,500 for 12 months - as low as 5.00% APR*!

How to apply?

Simply login to your It’s Me 247 account, under the “New Accounts” tab, click “More Loan Info.” You will find the Loan Type “Signature” and click “Apply Online.” Through your application process, you will see a COMMENT BOX appear – this is where you will type “Vacation Loan” to alert our loan officers that you would like a Vacation Loan and they will contact you from there to get you the Vacation Loan rate.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

  • Lorri Burns - Consumer Lending Manager: or 225-673-7190

  • Nakita St. Julien - Consumer Lending Officer: or 225-673-7188

*Annual Percentage Yield